Introducing New Classes

Half a year after moving to our new location, we are ready to bring back Olympic Weightlifting classes, as well as a few supplementary classes to push your fitness goals. Be ready.

With the commencements of new classes, our weekly schedule will have some changes to include the new classes. See below.

Supplementary classes


Build is for those who are looking to develop strength, build muscle, feel good and look fabulous. Challenge yourself and reap the train of gains.

For more details, go to Build.

  • Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 19:30, and Thursdays 17:30
  • Suitable for all fitness level


Mobility – Increase range of motion (ROM), enhance flexibility and lower risk of injuries.

This class will commence very soon, stay tuned. For more details, go to Mobility.

  • Schedule: Saturdays 12pm
  • Suitable for all fitness level


Sweat is a high intensity, full-body workout. We use light weights, rowers, bikes and simple gymnastics movements to help you break a sweat. Suitable for all fitness level.

This class will commence soon. For more details, go to Sweat.

  • Schedule: to be confirmed
  • Suitable for all fitness level

Sign up for supplementary classes

Our current memberships include accesses to supplementary classes. Members may sign up directly in our PushPress app and note that you may sign up for more than 1 class per day.

We also have two packages just for Build, Mobility, and Sweat classes: 10-class package for $220 (valid for 3 months), and 5-class package for $120 (valid for 2 months). The package includes access to Open Gym as well.

Olympic Weightlifting classes

“The Oly Lift”

Olympic Weightlifting classes help to fine-tune techniques, improve body awareness, develop power and dynamic stability in Olympic Weightlifting.

This class is for experienced CrossFitters who want to up their weightlifting techniques to the next level, and will be available for our subscription-based members only. To sign up, go to our PushPress app and sign up for the session.

  • Schedule: Tuesdays 17:30, Thursdays 12:30 and 18:30
  • Prerequisite: Complete Fundamental and/or Basic Olympic Weightlifting

Basic Olympic Weightlifting

For beginners, we have a dedicated, 90-minute class to get you started. In this class, you will learn the the proper movements of Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

To sign up, use this link and WhatsApp us to make an appointment.

  • Schedule: by-appointment only
  • Suitable for all fitness level

For more details about the Olympic Weightlifting classes, go to its programs page Olympic Weightlifting.