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We are CrossFit Morpheus

Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams. When people set goals, they look at where they are and they set a goal that is reasonably bold to be accomplished some time in the future. Let dreams inspire you and set your goal to achieving something you dream of, and then try to become the person who achieves it.

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We build the strength you need through our programs, boosting the quality of your life in the long run.

We will push you and see you persevere through with raw grit, helping you achieve your fitness goals to become the best version of yourself – physically and mentally.

You belong to the pack. We promise to cheer you to your last rep. You are our community.

Join us at the box


CrossFit WODs are the main course of our fitness menu. Classes are available Mondays through Saturdays, scheduled across the day so you can plan training according to your schedule. Sundays we will post a workout that you can do on your own.

Have a read of our Box Rules, and pick a membership plan that works for you.

For beginners

Are you a complete beginner to CrossFit? Maybe we are for you! First of all, we have some Q&A to get you started with some nitty-gritty of CrossFit.

Once you feel ready, consider signing up for our Fundamental program. It is a 90-minute session to introduce you to some of the exercises we do for CrossFit, and, to get you excited as well. The package also includes 3 complementary passes to our CrossFit classes to be utilized within 1 month. You will have a chance to see how our classes are conducted, have a feel of CrossFit workouts, and to get introduced to our #morefierce community. Fret not our coaches will be able to guide you through your beginning classes.

For beginners interested in improving Olympic Weightlifting, we have a Basic Olympic Weightlifting class to introduce you to the proper movements. For more information, check out our Olympic Weightlifting programs page. After completing the Basic Olympic Weightlifting class, you have the option to continue fine-tuning your skills with “The Oly Lift” focus classes — this is included in our subscription-based plans with no additional fee.

Before you hit the gym, have a read of our Box Rules too.

Supplementary Classes

If you feel CrossFit is intimidating for you, you have the option of getting active with our supplementary classes. Each supplementary class will have a specific fitness objective.

Supplementary classes are accessible for all unlimited and 3x week plans. And we have a dedicated drop-in plan for supplementary classes too.

  • Box News

    Introducing New Classes

    Half a year after moving to our new location, we are ready to bring back Olympic Weightlifting classes, as well as a few supplementary classes to push your fitness goals. Be ready.

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